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Aug 30, 2011

Ubud Bali Tempo Dulu (Old Bali ) 1955 - 1973

Old Ubud Bali
year : 1955 - 1973
source : my father library I Wayan Atjin Tisna
location : arround Ubud

Entrance Gate
Loc : Sugriwa 43 Ubud Bali

Previously Entrance gate was symbolic standard for living from a family, that make entrance gate is a pride for house owner. Not least people was photos with back ground entrance gate . But now people photos go to studio or some interested place.

The Streets
loc: sugriwa

Ubud Bali
One very most interested from this view is 'the - in between' space among road and house. That place purpose to view exposure and green area. For the bridge from road to house it's called leneng. Leneng is handhold from the bridge, the function is for sit and communication with who walk in road.

cremation ceremony loc : Monkey Forest Ubud Bali

Cremation Ceremony in Bali we called Ngaben. Ngaben is symbolic when soul come to god. The unique we found on Ngaben is make model animal that use for vehicle soul go to god. The symbolic animal among others lion, ox, fish and dragon

loc : Kloncing Ubud Bali

The name of this building is sakepat. Sakepat is small balinese traditional building have dimension 2 x2 meter square. We can found sakepat on crossing road or place very interest in one village. The function is for chatting with others.

Balinese Wedding
loc: sugriwa 43 Ubud Bali

Guest who come on balinese wedding have three level. First is high level like saint, official, or anything who have occupation, this guest stay on bale daje. Bale daje is balinese building that have level highest among others. Second is middle level like family from bride, guest arround village or anything who stay around village. This guest stay on bale dangin or bale dauh that building have middle level among others. Third is family level, who have connection very close with bridegroom, this people stay on every place help family of bridegroom.

Home Activity
loc: sugriwa 43 Ubud Bali

Now activity in largely house in Bali functionality by family or guest but was, activity in a house like public area. Everyone can went to house and chat with family who stay in that house. Person who stay in that house still doing activity what must he doing, the person who come to that house just chatting not annoying.

Balinese Dress
loc: sugriwa 43 Ubud Bali

In this image I would bring the different between dress for prayer (left) and dress for exclusive photo or meeting (right). That was same but now dress for prayer must be have color yellow or white and dress for exclusive photo or meeting can do with anything color. The reason is largely come from background Hindu philosophy.

"ngecel siap"

loc: sugriwa 43 Ubud Bali

Ngecel siap is activity was perform by largely community who have leisure time in one village exactly in Ubud. Purpose of the Ngecel Siap activity is chatting with other people while indulging chicken that will be use to fight.

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